A high quality solar shade is the perfect window treatment for most commercial locations. We provide increased energy efficiency with our Silverscreen and Koolblack technology, as well as maintaining a highly durable glare reducing shade.

Our stylish commercial window treatments in an office or corporate setting establish a tone for your workplace. Solar shade window treatments are beautiful and functional, with the durability to last. Expect energy efficiency, visual comfort, daylighting benefits, worker satisfaction and more.

Our health care line of fabrics offer anti-microbial benefits along with options for blackout shades to provide complete privacy to patients, UV protection to keep harmful rays of your equipment and energy efficiency

Commercial Window Coverings

Schools and Government Shades

Government and Educational facilities require light management. We have high performance solar screen shades, translucent shades, audio-visual blackout shades and dual shades that combine different light management fabrics in the same window treatment to provide a myriad of window shade solutions.

Commercial Solar Shades

Retail Store Window Treatment

Solar Screen Shades are a preferred window treatment in commercial retail applications, providing both protective functionality and enhancement of the shopping environment. Also check out our Digital Printed Screens for ways to advertis your business as well as shade it!

Commercial Blackout Shades

Office and Conference Room Shades

Control glare and heat while increasing comfort for those attending meetings and presentations. Solar Screen shades make using personal data devices easier, allowing workflow to continue smoothly even in a room with numerous windows. We also offer dual blackout and solar treatments to manage both glare and privacy.