Glass sunrooms and conservatories are still very much the trend. However, the great challenge here lies in maintaining the perfect temperature and lighting. While the winter rays of sunshine can be enjoyed behind glass, they quickly become unbearable for inhabitants and plants in spring. To prevent your glass oasis becoming a greenhouse, Northern Shades offers tailored conservatory awnings for the roof as well as the vertical areas.

Tropical temperatures in your conservatory or sun room?.

Northern Shades awnings can provive the optimal and a perfect atmosphere. The sun's rays can heat up conservatories to over 60 degrees in the summer months. We offer a wide range of fabrics and shading solutions for even the most complex structures.

aluminium pergola


The Airomatic is perfectly suitable for exterior installation on pergolas, conservatories and skylights. Their compact constructions make these awning systems especially suitable for small and medium areas.

The lateral, patented gas filled struts ensure constant and perfect tensioning of the cover. A choice of fixings allows flexible and easy installation – even on a complicated substructure.

aluminum pergola


The Targa is suitable for larger, complex glass roofing and substructures. The exterior awning protects against the sun and heat and generates a pleasant indoor climate – with excellent visual characteristics.The guide rails can be moved inwards and can thus shade even specially shaped or inclined conservatories.

terrace awnings


The Arcada combines shading from roof to vertical area in one system. The bend angle is producted individuall for each conservatory to ensure proper fit, while the fabric maintains a high tension thanks to the integreated gas springs.