Edmonton Roller Shades

Our roller shades are developed for simplicity, superior function and aesthetic elegance.

We can offer you both manual and automated window coverings with state-of-the-art natural light control with a unique selection of elegant fabrics.

The Qadvanced roller shade provides unmatched quietness is virtually soundless when in operation. QMotion's unparalleled simplicity incorporates low voltage power, or standard D-cell batteries. Batteries are easy to replace, during those rare times they need it. The Qadvanced Roller Shade Collection is developed with award winning technology that extends battery life - up to 5 years or more

Tie your blinds into your home automation to have the screens retract at a touch of a button, or even schedule scenes to have them drop down just as the sun in starting to peek into your house.

Automated Shades Edmonton

Solar Shades Add Comfort to Your Home

Solar Shades make your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining the view and the connection to nature and the outdoors.

Retractable Shades Edmonton

Save on Heating with Solar Shades

Our shades reduce cooling costs, and can be used alone or layered with draperies or valance treatments. Solar Shades protect valuable furnishings and interior finishes, including flooring, rugs, walls and pianos.

Retractable Screens Edmonton

Commercial Applications

The benefits of solar shades in the workplace go beyond heat and glare. Solar shades help to maintain a connection to outside surroundings, which has been shown to foster health benefits, increased productivity, and an increased sense of well-being.